Sustainable Weight loss and skin tightening

Get fast results with lasting effects! (Lose 1-4 inches in just the first session)

Not just another weight loss clinic

Our weight loss program consists of the best-customized plan just for you. Our program incorporates a cleanse and detox, fat burning plan, stabilization of your gastrointestinal system, a metabolism boost, and a maintenance plan. Included with this is a healthy living program that will sustain in the long run, bettering your quality of life.

Pay just $89 for your first contour light® consult session

Normally $249 for a single session, pay only $89 for your first Contour Light session and initial measurements before your Contour Light treatment. In addition, we will include the add-ons of the face mask treatment and a vibration plate session as well to get you off to a good start.*

*First-time customers only.
Normal price $249 for a single session.

Our weight loss plan

Our weight loss plan designed for all citizens in Berwyn, PA, consists of two major parts:

nutritional counseling

Our personalized nutritional counseling will help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle and empower you to reach your weight loss goals.

body sculpting

Treat multiple areas with our Contour Light skin tightening method that will help you lose weight and keep it off.