Nutritional Counseling

Work with a nutritionist that creates personalized weight loss routines for you.

Lose weight and keep it off

The key to weight loss is to find long-term sustainable methods following random or fad diets will not help you lose weight for good. That is why having a weight-loss expert in Berwyn, PA, who can structure nutritional habits specifically designed for you can mean the difference when it comes to feeling and looking better.

What can a nutritionist do for you?

If you’re looking for a nutritionist in Berwyn, PA (near Pennsylvania), you found the right place! Our nutrition counselor will be able to:

  • Explain how modern foods can trick people into eating more
  • Show you how the modern diet fails to provide the nutrients we need
  • Help you correlate your eating habits to your health
  • Enable you to make the right changes to feel better

Pay just $89 for your first contour light® consult session

Normally $249 for a single session, pay only $89 for your first Contour Light session and initial measurements before your Contour Light treatment. In addition, we will include the add-ons of the face mask treatment and a vibration plate session as well to get you off to a good start.*

*First-time customers only.
Normal price $249 for a single session.

Eat better, not less

If you’re serious about your performance on the playing field or in the gym, you’ll want to make sure that you are giving your body the right type and amount of nutrients for optimum performance.

Our nutrition programs in Berwyn (near Philadelphia) consist of an individualized eating plan to stop you from ever having to go on a diet, and the tools to empower you to reach your weight loss goals now and in the long run.